Krista Pärmäkoski published a photo that says a lot – Sad update on the situation

Pärmäkoski traveled for a long time, but could not achieve a result.

Krista Pärmäkoski, who was poorly successful in the early season, published a frustrated update in her Instagram stories.

Pärmäkoski took a picture of himself in the car and attached a screenshot of the route he has traveled in the last month and a half.

Despite the great effort, the results on the track were poor.

– Apparently, the best distance of the 6.5-week trip for us was this 700 kilometers in the car, Pärmäkoski wrote.

You can view the publication from this link. Instagram stories can be viewed 24 hours after they are published.

The star skier who lives in Kuortane started her race journey on October 19. The first stage was Olostunturi in Muonio, where he spent about four weeks and competed in the Artillery Games.

After that, Pärmäkoski headed to Ruka in Kuusamo, where first the Finnish Cup and a week later the opening of the World Cup.

The last stage of the trip was on the Swedish side in Jällivaara. There, Pärmäkoski fell ill and had to miss the message.

The Finnish champion finished 25th in the 10 km free race on Saturday. The difference to the top was almost two minutes.

At the opening of the Ruka World Cup, Pärmäkoski was 12th in the 10 km traditional and 31st in the 20 km free.

Krista Pärmäkoski has not been herself at the Games. PASI LEISMA