Krist Novoselic thinks Nirvana version of “ABBA Voyage” is possible

In an interview, the former Nirvana bassist says “You never know!”

Nirvana’s album IN UTERO will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2023 and to mark the occasion an expanded edition of the work will be released on October 27th. The tracklist features 53 previously unreleased pieces, including two complete IN-UTERO concerts, recorded in Los Angeles in 1993 and in Seattle in 1994 – their last gig.

In an interview with “MOJO”, former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic says: “The shows rock! They have to be heard.” In the conversation, he also praises the AI ​​technology, which can optimize the sounds without distorting them.

When it was suggested to Novoselic in the interview that Nirvana would reunion as a kind of AI-generated avatars on stage, he answered openly: “You never know! I would actually say: Absolutely not! And then I would ask again: How much does it cost? When do we start?!”

This type of show is already known from ABBA, who have been bringing “ABBA Voyage” to the stage since May 27, 2022. It is a show that uses virtual avatars that represent the group as they performed in 1979, using the original vocals to create the most realistic experience possible.

Led Zeppelin was also asked about the idea of ​​creating virtual performances in an interview with Jimmy Page, but they were unsure whether it would be for them.