As part of this year’s Reeperbahn Festival, Kraftklub announced a spontaneous surprise concert on Instagram for September 21 in the Kiez. They performed together with Bill Kaulitz and caused the Reeperbahn to be closed.

    The announcement was made very spontaneously in the spirit of surprise. Kraftklub only announced the gig a few hours before the show on their Instagram account. They wrote: “HAMBURG! THIS EVENING! THIS IS NOT AN EXERCISE! Tag your friends, come by, this is going to be wild!”.

    “Drive with me (4×4)”, “Wittenberg is not Paris” and more

    They played their joint song “Fahr mit mir (4 × 4)” with Kaulitz, which was released on July 7th. Afterwards, Kraftklub played their own songs like “Wittenberg ist nicht Paris” and “Ein Song Reich”, during which the audience couldn’t stand still and even formed small mosh pits. The Reeperbahn has been completely closed for the live performance. After the concert, the Saxons posted a photo of themselves and others from the evening.

    The surprise seems to have been a success – the fans are also enthusiastic: They commented under the post “It was definitely a 12/10” or “That was great! A bit of rioting in the city was good again.” Others expressed their sadness at not being able to attend. A user wrote in desperation: “Can you do that again in Mannheim? Or Tübingen?”.