Kovac rages against the referee

Coach Niko Kovac from VfL Wolfsburg sharply criticized referee Benjamin Brand (Unterspiesheim) after the 2:3 (0:1) against VfB Stuttgart.

“It wasn’t anything for me today, it’s not at Bundesliga level. Because blowing off everything, to be honest, that’s not enough,” said Kovac: “It was far too petty, to be honest.”

Brand had whistled in situations where “nobody whistles,” said Kovac: “So we can stop. We’re playing basketball now.” He also misses a clear, broad line among the referees. You can’t “change every week. Once he lets things go, then we stop everything again,” said Kovac: “We have to change every time.”

Kovac doesn’t want to blame the referee for the defeat. That’s very clear. We made the mistakes,” he said: “But I still think that was far too petty. And if I look at the others “I look at the leagues – that’s not how the whistle is blown there. I have to say that quite honestly,” said Kovac: “And no one can tell me that, I also played football. So at some point it’s enough.”

Wolfsburg has been waiting for a win for nine games and the factory club is only 13th in the table.