Blauw-Wit, Groen Geel and KZ had a bad turn today in the Korfball League. They all lost their second game of the competition.

    Blauw-Wit visited DOS’46. The home team had a 4-2 lead after ten minutes. They ran out to 7-2, but the team from Amsterdam fought back to 8-7.

    It was 11-9 at halftime in favor of the Drentenaren. They ran from 11-10 to 14-10 in the second half. In the end it became 21-16 for DOS’46.

    KZ down

    LODK had a big margin on KZ, but the Zaankanters came back well to 6-7. In the final phase of the first half, the Gorredijkers took another margin and it was 8-11 at halftime.

    The visitors kept their lead in the second half. The score went from 10-15 to 16-22. In the end, the Frisians won 18-23.

    Green Yellow has suffered a big defeat on a visit to national champion Fortuna.