Our National Football Team faced the Czech Republic in a special match. While the Nationals won the field with a score of 2-1, Fenerbahçe’s young talent Arda Güler took charge with the national jersey for the first time. After the match, our National Team’s coach Stefan Kuntz made statements about Arda Güler. Kuntz said: “Arda is a talented player, but we need to give it a little more time.”


    Explaining that he takes young players to the field and that Arda is a very talented player, Stefan Kuntz said, “Samet and Onur, who played for the first time today, played very well and played for the first time. Again on the field, Tayyip, Cenk and Samet played together. “They played well. His coach told us that we should be careful about Arda and adapt slowly. He had the opportunity to enter the game today, he had the opportunity to get to know the players for a week. He adapted well in this match. Arda is a talented player, but we need to give him some more time.” .