KMI was made with code yellow in heel Vlaanderen voor gladdewegen op zondag, nu al gevaar voor gladheid in West- en Oost-Vlaanderen en aan de kust | Snow in Vlaanderen

The KMI was ready for joy because of the day. The combination of cold temperatures and a neerslagzone which in the loop of the day from west to east treks, makes the situation delicious, clicks.

KIJK. Is it coming with snow and clouds on the horizon?

Tomorrow it will be snowing first. “I have a distance of 0 and 2 centimeters,” said VTM-weerman David Dehenauw. The rain can be heard. The rain can be heard from the largest part of the west of the country, but the KMI is also visible. In the south of the country there will be bright snow and snow on the hills.

Code geel

In all provinces, with uitzondering of names in Luxembourg, geldt zondag code geel. Across the coast, in West- and East-Vlaanderen there is only a code for happiness. In Brussels, Flemish Brabant and Antwerp it’s 12 o’clock, in Limburg it’s 15 o’clock.