22 KLM flights will be canceled on Sunday, a spokesperson for the airline said on Saturday. It only concerns flights within Europe.

    Unlike Saturday’s cancellations, Sunday’s 22 flights will not depart at all, the spokesman said. Saturday’s flights took off empty to pick up travelers elsewhere. People transferring at Schiphol are now placed on another flight. KLM is still “very displeased” that Schiphol has reduced the maximum number of departing passengers. “This is very annoying for the passengers.”

    Last week there were once again long lines at Schiphol, after a summer in which staff shortages caused chaos. A lack of security guards makes it take a long time to get in. Trade unions believe that Schiphol should no longer completely outsource its security, the airport also said earlier that that option is on the table.

    big reluctance

    Earlier this week, KLM also decided to cancel flights on Sunday, but as a result of the new shrinkage measures from Friday, 22 flights have now been added. The spokesperson does not say how many flights are not going in total, but “it is more than enough”. Flights are also expected to be canceled on Monday. It is not yet known how many there are.

    Earlier this week, airlines TUI and Corendon ignored Schiphol’s urgent request to cancel flights. That is not the case at KLM: “We deliver most passengers, so we have to do something. But it is with great reluctance, let that be clear.”

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    Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that the flights would depart empty. That wasn’t right. This has been corrected above.