Kitana raps against “victim child Yung Hurn” in new single

The Viennese also raps: “For him and his companions, drugged girls stand on the Tech Rider.”

Since the beginning of her rap career, Kitana has critically addressed socially critical issues in her music. This is also the case in her new single “Kitana Season”. In this, the Viennese makes serious allegations against the rapper Yung Hurn, whose real name is Julian Sellmeister.

The song, now released with a music video, caused a stir at a rap event in Berlin in June 2022. The recording of her performance at the time was viewed around 40,000 times on YouTube. In the track, the 27-year-old raps, among other things: “And then the victim child Yung Hurn, when the truth comes to light, you leave Ottakring with fractures.” It goes on to say in “Kitana Season”: “Just a question, tell me, why does Sellmeister rhyme with derailed sex addict? For him and his companions, drugged girls are on the tech rider and yet she continues to book every festival. Julian, you bitch, go ahead and send the ad.”

Music video for “Kitana Season”:

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Since 2021 there have been new singles from rapper Kitana. Her debut album LAURBEREN was finally released in 2022. The new single already hints at another record from her.

Yung Hurn has not yet commented on the newly released piece. It is also not known whether a complaint was actually sent to Kitana.