Kip Caravans celebrates its 90th anniversary with a museum and anniversary caravan

Caravan manufacturer Kip is celebrating its ninetieth anniversary. In the showroom of the caravan builder from Hoogeveen you can visit a special museum in the anniversary year.

The Chick, Pygmy Fowl and Bantam Chicken. All old Kip caravan models are in the museum above the showroom. “Behind me, we even managed to get the very first one from Jan Kip, the founder,” beams Peter Hagenus.

2024 is also a celebration for the marketer of the caravan manufacturer. It has been 90 years since Jan Kip started a bodywork company. In 1947 he sold his first caravan. “You can encounter us everywhere on the roads, including in traffic jams to the south of France. That is perhaps our best PR action.”

For factory employee Wim Jansen, 59 years old, it is a double celebration. He has been working for Kip for forty years. “Always in the same spot,” says Jansen. He works on the roofs of the caravans. “It is the third floor I have experienced. We started working on paving stones, now we have underfloor heating.”