King Charles III’s cousin Ivar Mountbatten is the first openly gay royal

LQueen Victoria was his great-great-grandmother and as a boy he went to the same school – the authoritarian one GordonstounScotland – made famous by Prince Philip and later by his (second) cousin King Charles III. Ivar Mountbatten, just turned 60 and son of a Marquis, is a businessman. But there are two important records that have made him enter the annals of British history: he is the first member of the Royal Family to officially declare himself homosexual, and the first to be married in a gay marriage.

Ivar, cousin of King Charles III, reveals fears and apprehensions at court

In common with King Charles, Ivar Mountbatten has a passion for farming and organic farming. And she decided to tell about her experiences as gay at court in an article that appeared in the newspaper independent. “I was afraid of the reactions among my relatives and how they would take the news,” she confessed, specifying that she wanted to coming out already at the time of his first marriage, revealing his homosexual tendencies to his wife Penny.

Ivar Mountbatten: “We couldn’t talk about homosexuality at court”

Three daughters were born from the union with Penny, two of whom have as godfather and godmother Prince Edward and his wife Sophie of Wessex, current Dukes of Edinburgh. Ivar himself is godfather to their daughter, Lady Louise Windsor. «I was born in a time when being homosexual was still a crime and mine is certainly not an environment in which until recently one could speak freely about one’s sexual tendencies».

King Charles has given his approval to the first gay event held in a Royal residence (Getty Images)

The first Royal wedding between gays

Divorced in 2011, seven years later Ivar celebrated her union with entrepreneur James Coyle, whom she met during a ski week in Verbier, the Royals’ favorite ski resort. And it was Penny herself, at the insistence of her daughters, who accompanied her ex-husband down the aisle in the ceremony celebrated in Bridwell Park, what had been her family residence.

“King Charles and Queen Elizabeth have always supported me”

Husband James, says Ivar, has always been accepted by the Royal Family. “They’ve all been really understanding and have always helped me,” says Mountbatten. “But I realize that I have been much more fortunate than many others before me and I am very grateful to those who have paved the way, in many cases suffering terribly. James, for example, has been bullied for years because of his sexuality ».

Ivar and James, two Royals without a role at court

Two years ago, Mountbatten and Coyle told each other in a documentary, admitting that, to meet the annual costs of maintaining Bridwell Park, their historic Georgian manor house, located in the idyllic countryside of Devon, in southern England , They were forced to open it to the public, also inaugurating a restaurant and venues for ceremonies and corporate events.

King Charles approves first gay Royal event

In August, Ivar Mountbatten and husband James will become the first Royal couple to host an actual gay parade at their residence, Bridwell Park. Entitledor Queen Spirit, the event will take place over four days, with concerts and artistic performances, all organized with the collaboration of the three daughters of Mountbatten, and the assent of King Charles. Another record for the Royal Family.

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