King Charles III prepares the handover to William

Noand his apartments in Sandringham, between a walk in the park in front and a few hours spent at the desk, among the government papers that he insists on sorting daily, King Charles III continues his period of forced rest. But while he continues treatment for the tumor that was diagnosed last month, the monarch also develops a secret plan with his assistants: the one to his possible succession.

King Charles III, what would happen if he could no longer govern?  The hypotheses in the field

Is King Charles III preparing to abdicate?

Tom Quinn reveals the existence of the secret plan, royal watcher British, author of numerous books on the Royals. In an interview with the English tabloid The MirrorQuinn explains that at court they hoped that the 75-year-old Carlo would remain healthy for at least another ten years, but Recent events have made it necessary to prepare precise plans. The king and his aides are now finalizing the various stages of the transition of the Crown, in the event of an abdication or a worst-case scenario.

Perhaps Carlo’s cancer is more serious than you think

Less than 18 months after Charles’ accession to the throne, the British court finds itself having to deal with a new, perhaps imminent change. And the revelation of the existence of a detailed plan for the post-Charles era, which will make the transition to William as easy as possible, has prompted the British media to ask: how bad is the king really?

Charles and William with Kate Middleton in Scotland, March 2013 (Getty Images)

At court they prepare for the era of King William

In recent weeks, the monarch has been seen out and about several times, apparently in excellent shape. AND he has shown that he wants to face his illness with a certain transparency, first revealing an operation he underwent in a London clinic due to an enlarged prostate and immediately after the shock diagnosis of an unspecified tumor from Buckingham Palace. But his efforts to reassure his subjects could hide a completely different situation at court.

King Charles doesn’t trust his son Harry one bit

Plans for William’s early accession to the throne include every stage of the transition, including the Coronation of the new King and Queen Catherine at Westminster, but details are kept strictly top secret, every meeting takes place behind closed doors and every document is locked away. The whole lest Harry find out about it.

The Sussexes with Carlo at “Trooping The Colour”, London, 2018 (Getty Images)

«Nobody trusts Harry»

At court no one trusts the Duke of Sussex, explains Tom Quinn. After the attacks on the Royal family through interviews, documents and autobiography Spare, Prince Harry is being kept in the darkalthough it seems he has offered to “help” at court, in case there is a need. «Carlo fears that Harry might end up telling everything to the media» comments Tom Quinn. And who can blame the king?

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