King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will come and see the nitrogen problem in the Peel with their own eyes on Thursday. The working visit focuses mainly on the future of the agricultural sector and nature conservation in this region.

    The king and queen are the first to visit the Deurnsche Peel. When they arrived in Deurne around ten o’clock, they passed a row of protest flags hung along the road from Deurne to Griendtsveen and a few protest dolls.

    During a walk on the Deurnsche Peel they are informed about the importance of this protected nature reserve, the consequences of nitrogen precipitation and the conversion of agricultural land to natural land. The recent wildfires in the Peel are also discussed.

    Farmers from the Peel area talk to the king and queen about the future of their businesses.

    Gemert-Bakel and Helmond
    In the afternoon, the King and Queen will visit the Boerenbondsmuseum in Gemert-Bakel, among other places. The day will be concluded with a visit to the Automotive Campus in Helmond, where it is mainly about innovation.