“Kindle Newsstand” discontinued for e-readers by Amazon

For its e-readers, Amazon has long offered a practical, digital newsstand for magazines and newspapers. However, the service will be discontinued by the end of the year.

In the Kindle newsstand, e-reader users could get customized versions of their favorite publications. Instead of taking out subscriptions with the individual publishers themselves, they were able to do so via the platform in a standardized process. Amazon now offers limited replacements for this feature.

Amazon is gradually shutting down Kindle newsstands

In a statement on its own site, Amazon announced the schedule for the shutdown. As of March 9, 2023, the company stopped selling new subscriptions through the Kindle newsstand. From June 5, it will no longer be possible to manage print magazines that you have subscribed to. After that, customers must contact the publisher directly. Amazon plans to release more information at a later date.

The newspaper kiosk is to be finally closed on September 9th. Both monthly and annual subscriptions will remain in place until this point. If there are still outstanding expenses after this point in time, Amazon will reimburse the costs for them pro rata. All editions delivered up to the time the service was shut down will continue to be available to subscribers.

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Select subscriptions continue to be available through Kindle Unlimited

However, Amazon is not completely eliminating the Kindle newsstand without replacing it. “Select eMagazines continue to be included with Kindle Unlimited,” reads a banner on the Kindle Store page. However, the existing subscriptions are not simply transferred to Kindle Unlimited. The range of available eMagazines can be found in the Kindle store see.

Alternatively, users can look for ways to subscribe to newspapers and magazines directly from the publisher. On the Amazon page “Memberships and Subscriptions‘ you can see the available offers. Amazon also recommends consulting publisher websites for additional subscription options. However, it should be noted that these offers may not be compatible with Amazon’s Kindle readers.