Kim Moelands (48) passed away: author put the donor law on the map

Author and journalist Kim Moelands died on Friday at the age of 48. Her husband informed the ANP of this on Sunday. Moelands, born in Goirle, suffered from cystic fibrosis and was an advocate of the donor law in the media for years.

This law automatically makes people donors, unless it is explicitly stated that someone does not want this. The law finally came into effect in July 2020.

In the past, Moelands wrote for the LINDA, among others. and other magazines. In 2010, the author himself underwent a double lung transplant.

She described the period after the lung transplant and how free she felt again thanks to the donor who donated her organs in the novel Boundless.

She then continued as a thriller author and won the Hebban Award, the audience award for best Dutch-language thriller, in 2015 with The Woman in the Mirror. The thriller was nominated by a jury in 2016 for the Belgian thriller prize De Diamanten Kogel. She then wrote the psychological novel Shadow Life.

Health decline
Despite the transplant, her health deteriorated in recent years. Partly due to the outbreak of corona in early 2020, Moelands has lived a secluded life in Epe in Gelderland in recent years, where she also died.

The cremation is next Wednesday.