Kardashian and Davidson met on the set of Saturday Night Live, the weekly live comedy show in New York where Davidson was an actor until May. Kardashian was the main guest in an October 2021 episode. In one of the skits, Kardashian and Davidson had to kiss. In her new reality series The Kardashians, Kardashian said that “there was just a vibe.” She later said in a podcast at Davidson she feels NDE, short for Big Dick Energy, which means self-confidence.

    Davidson wasn’t at the episode’s afterparty then, but she wanted to see him again anyway. “I called a producer on the show and asked if they had Pete’s number,” Kardashian said. She sent a text message, but she said she immediately planned to enter into a relationship.

    Kardashian filed for divorce from rapper Kanye West in early 2021. The two have four children together. Davidson had previously had relationships with actresses Kate Beckinsale and Phoebe Dynevor, among others, and was briefly engaged to singer Ariana Grande.