KIJK. Tourists kayaking in the western area: this rainy day is for the sea on the driest places in VS | Buitenland

In Death Valley National Park in the United States, normally there is one of the largest drops of water in the VS, there is a record of rain and sea (Lake Manly). Tourists trekking massaal to the unieke Tafereel om he in the woestijn te go swimming of the kayaks.

Normally spoken is Badwater Basin – the laagste punt in North America – a large, well-groomed forest, with strong rain, the plek opnieuw changes in a gigantic sea.

In many years there was a lot of water in the water, and there was a gigantic sea in the wind, with the warm temperatures in the area causing the water to evaporate. Het meer is na al the dozen jars nu dus (tijdelijk) in ere hersteld.

Swimming and kayaking

Lake Manly is about 30 centimeters deep. Baantjes trekking is easy for you, tourists can have a lot of fun on the beach or in the kayaks.

The last thing that happened was that the drug was used for 20 years. The water in two decades is full of water, the water is high in an area where the harmful temperatures in the summer can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius.

The water is still there

The pret zal jammer genoeg maar van korte duur zijn. The water vaporizes quickly and the water level is always there. He was still dead in April and had a little water in the basin. Not enough of the kayaks, but it is worth having a unique picture of it.