KIJK. Russian propagandists are coming back to Europe first to bomb: “Parijs of Marseille? “I can’t live there” | Oorlog Oekraïne en Rusland

“Parijs of Marseille? “I can’t live there,” hey. “Boekarest, natural. Dan Parijs, Marseilles and Lyon?” “Lyon is a wonderful city that is hosting a light festival,” and there will be guests there.

Daarop vraagt ​​Solovyov welke stad Rusland can be seen in Germany, as a reward for the Taurus rockets, which the country is mogelijk gaat leveren in Oekraïne. “Hamburg,” says another guest, the other guest can be expected. “Of missing Munich?”

Waarop Solovyov expects the other countries to leave Europe at least. “Zodat ze begrijpen was the idiots who end up suffering to death”, Aldus is also the propagandist.

Solovyov’s state is provocative and anti-Western. Hij heeft Europa al meermaal is the start of the Russian invasion in Oekraïne. Last year there was still a nuclear energy supply that was not available in Russia and the West. “We want to beseffen the West onze systemic, new and existentiële vijand is”, klonk het toen.

Ok in 2022, he went into overdrive and was forced to leave the country in Ukraine. “A holy oorlog is in the gang”, aldus de presentator.

Hijde also met kernwapens en schepte al op over de hypersonic rockets from Russia, which “can fly from Wit-Rusland to London in just a few minutes”.