KIJK. Israeli leger: “Afgelopen dagen hebben soldiers zo’n 200 doelen in Gazastrook vernietigd” | Conflict Israel-Palestine

KIJK. Israeli leger deelt beelden van luchtaanvallen in de Gazastrook

In the north of Gaza, the Israeli forces show that the troops of the Yiftah Brigade identify various terrorists who are in a building that Hamas is used for observation. The Israeli military forces have deployed artillery against two Hamas militants in four observation positions in the north of Gaza.

Also from the other soldiers a large opslag plaats with weapons the door Hamas are used in a building waar burgers zich schoolhouses in the north of Gaza. The Israeli school is located in the building of a school, mosque and clinic. Within the area of ​​the troops there are “for children who have exploded bombs”, all weapons, grenades and documents from lighting services.

In Khan Younis, in the south of Gaza, the IDF showed that the troops were invading the area in the Hamas district and there were wapens from den, waaronder all grenades and explosives.

KIJK. Israeli leger breidt grondoperatie in Gazastrook uit