Kiira Korve’s hit book caused huge queues

Kiira Korve’s debut work Jump to Vaan has made people run to libraries.

Korvi’s poetry has more than 220 reservations in libraries in the Helsinki area. Jukka Lehtinen

Ex-figure skater Kiira Korpi recently published a poetry book Jump Vaan! (Otava, 2023).

Korvi’s book of poems has sparked a huge amount of discussion both on social media channels and in various magazines. For example Helsingin sanomat newspaper and Morning paper published book reviews of the work on March 21.

Editor of Helsingin Sanomat Arttu Seppänen according to him, it is a “sad book of poems”.

Korpi responded to the critics on Tuesday evening through his Instagram post. He stated in his publication that he had read all the criticisms with interest.

– There are many kinds of poems in the world, and sometimes it is not essential whether the texts are classified as poems, meditations or something else, Korpi wrote in his publication.

Shocking numbers

Korvi’s poetry has also made citizens interested. People are eager to reserve books from libraries until they have to wait in line.

Jump Vaan! -work has by March 22 In the libraries of the Helsinki region 223 reservations.

In the libraries of the Pirkanmaa area, which include, among others, the libraries of Ikaaliste, Tampere, Lempäälä and Valkeakoski, the work has more than 150 reservations. On the other hand, there are almost 40 reservations in the libraries of the Oulu region by Wednesday.

In the libraries of actual Finland there are almost 60 reservations. The book has attracted interest in Central Finland even more, as there are currently 72 reservations.

Kiira Korpi revealed on her Instagram that she is already working on her second poetry book. Antti Nikkanen

Director of Helsinki regional library services Saara Ihamäki states to Iltalehte, the numbers are exceptional for a work of poetry, but not for books in general.

– More than 200 reservations for a poetry book is a lot, says Ihamäki.

According to Ihamäki, the fact that the author of the work is a public figure certainly affects the exceptionally large number of reservations.

For other works, for example, popular novels, there can be up to more than 1,000 reservations.

If the reservation queues grow and it is determined that too few books have been acquired initially, the libraries can acquire more editions for their collections.

Ihamäki states that the reservation queues in “horror books” like Korve’s work do not last very long. However, the reservation queues for big best-selling works may continue for many years.

Kiira Korpi in an interview with Iltalehti in 2018. IL-TV