Kickboxing legend Jorina Baars remains critical of herself despite her 12th world title

Kickboxer Jorina Baars (35) from Den Helder has been dominating at the highest level for years and last weekend it happened again: Baars wins and thus takes her twelfth world title. At NH Radio she looks back on this competition and is still very critical of herself despite the win.

The experienced Jorina Baars took on the German Lea Anna Züfle, who is only nineteen years old, last Saturday. In five rounds Baars managed to dominate and walk away with the win.

It still seems to be easy for Baars, with 12 world titles under his belt. But the win was anything but a breeze, she says today on NH Radio. “I actually wanted to fight tactically, but she just didn’t give me any room for that. So I had to go full steam ahead,” said the twelve-time world champion.


That worked, because the jury unanimously agreed that Jorina should have the championship belt around her waist. And that victory feels good, although the kickboxer still remains critical of her own game after all these years. “I am always critical and never satisfied. Perhaps that is also why I have become so good,” says Baars.

According to Jorina, this criticism of her own game is mainly due to injuries this time. “I had some injuries and very annoying injuries too, which meant I couldn’t actually kick with my right hand. But yes, that just happens automatically, of course. And I have a left shoulder that occasionally dislocates. And it will go back to normal.” automatically back, but that is painful and very annoying.”

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In addition, Jorina did not have the perfect preparation for her match. This was originally planned for September, but was canceled due to a permit that the organization had not been able to arrange in time.

And as a result, Baars trained longer than usual for her competition. “I started preparing in mid-June and five months later you are finally in the ring,” she explains.

To recover

For now, the top athlete can put her kickboxing gloves in the closet and take the time to recover. Jorina has also had to take some blows herself. “I still have problems with my right shin and left shoulder and my wrist too. I have a bit of a swollen forehead because I got a headbutt in the match – which is of course not allowed. But okay, unfortunately that happens occasionally. But other than that I am I’m fine, I’m just very tired.”

Baars is not yet considering whether there will be an attempt to win a thirteenth world title. She is now busy again with her own gym in Willemsoord, which she also manages to keep running in addition to this top performance. “I still want to fight anyway, but I don’t know when. I’m going to let my body recover first and then I won’t do anything for the rest of this year. Not too crazy in any case.”

NH spoke to Jorina Baars last year about her dreams and goals. This resulted in an emotional conversation that can be viewed in the video below: