Khalid & Sophie forbids table guest to quote SBS 6

The talk show Khalid & Sophie goes to great lengths to guard the exclusivity of guests. They even forbid them to give a quote to the SBS 6 title Hart van Nederland. “That was really said.”

© Annemieke van der Togt

Talk shows compete with each other every day to win the best guests. They prefer not to have guests who are already queuing up somewhere else, although exceptions are sometimes made. For example, Angela de Jong once walked directly from Today Inside to Op1, and Caroline van der Plas was recently a guest at both Jinek and Op1 on one evening.

Quote to SBS 6

According to television editor Tamar Bot, the editors of Khalid & Sophie are in any case blood fanatic. She talks in the podcast The Media Girls that she had to fill in there last. “There is a lot of focus on competition and exclusivity and there is a lot of talk about that,” she says.

Guests who also want to speak to Heart of the Netherlands are out of the question. “At one point I heard someone say: ‘Yes, this person…’ – that was someone who would join that broadcast – ‘would also like to give a quote to Hart van Nederland.’”

Very strict

And then what happened? Tamar: “Then another editor said: ‘Give a quote to Hart van Nederland?! Well, I’m always very strict, I wouldn’t do that!’”

Co-host Fanny van der Reijt: “No longer exclusive?”

Tamar: “Yes, then she was really told: ‘No, you are not allowed to give a quote to Hart van Nederland.’”

‘Did we know this?’

They are very busy with it at Khalid & Sophie, says Tamar. “At one point there was also a guest who would join Khalid & Sophie later in the week at Time for MAX. Then the editors shouted: ‘Guys, did we know this?!’ And we knew it, because it is a very professional editorial staff there, so they knew that.”

She concludes: “I found it very funny to see. They really have their eyes open on all the things that are happening in the meantime.”

The Media Girls

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