Finland’s first episode of Idols created a disaster behind the scenes – Judge Nanna Bhose explains why

Nanna Bhose (formerly Mikkonen) is still remembered from Idols.

Nanna Bhose (formerly Mikkonen) has spent the last few years abroad, but now he has settled in Finland after 12 years. Last summer, he became the host of Radio Nova. Bhose is still remembered as Idols-Nanna.

– This is really funny – even though it’s been 20 years, we still remember it. That was the first one Idols. First is always first. It probably won’t work, Bhose laughs.

Bhose describes that being an Idols judge was a job among others for him. The format was seen for the first time in Finland in 2003. In addition to Bhose, the first season was judged by Asko Kallonen, Jone Nikula and Hannu Korkeamäki.

– It was a pretty tight pace, because we didn’t know what the program was going to be. But it’s amazing that such potential singers can soften and warm people’s hearts. It’s absolutely insane, Bhose enthuses.

What about the judging? Would the tone be softer today?

– I hope so. And actually, now that you said that, the judging was done in a pretty soft style, but it depended on how it was later cut into it, says Bhose.

The judging of past years’ talent programs has consistently sparked discussion. The judging style of the judges has even been described as rude.

Bhose still believes that a professional should be honest. He himself feels that he also focused more on positive things than weaknesses. However, he summarizes the ruthless main point of talent competition.

– You either have or you don’t have the gift of singing. There is no question about it, says Bhose.

The cutting of episodes upset the Idols judges at the time.

– After the first program, it surprised me so much that we were all about to finish the whole program. There was a lot of our mutual fun cut into that live situation. It wasn’t quite fair, but I think the style was changed a bit after that. Everyone could see a little bit what was emerging, says Bhose.

Nanna Bhose currently hosts on Radio Nova channel. Atte Kajova

Mikkonen returned to Finland a year and a half ago. He started at Radio Nova as a summer job and soon got his own program.

– I feel that radio work is like traveling with the listeners. You get to bring slightly different perspectives, inspiring topics and hopefully encourage people to live a little more courageously, says Bhose.