Khalid Kasem sends a text message to Jeroen Pauw: ‘A very bad day’

Khalid Kasem has completely withdrawn from public life; we don’t hear from him at all anymore. But Jeroen Pauw does have contact with the now infamous presenter…


Khalid Kasem’s TV career has suddenly come to an end, because he appears to have acted shady during his time as a lawyer. There are more revelations in the pipeline and they are so explosive that the AD is not allowed to publish them; it is reportedly about his connection with top criminal Ridouan Taghi. Sooner or later this story will leak.

App from Khalid

Khalid is sitting at home with a black bar in front of his eyes and the talk show Khalid & Sophie? Since this week it has been called Sophie & Jeroen: none other than Jeroen Pauw made his comeback as a talk show host last night. And because of that opportunity he had brief text contact with his infamous pupil, whom he coached for a short time.

Jeroen sent an app to Khalid yesterday, he says The Telegraph. “Of course I understand that he has all kinds of things on his mind right now. I also understand that he does not share it with me. The contact remained very superficial. He said, ‘Good luck with your deployment.’ I responded with, ‘I hope you’re doing well.’”

Very bad day

When asked what answer Khalid gave, Jeroen says: “I think it was a bad day for him. You know then: it will now continue without me.”

Forever without Khalid? Jeroen seems to think so. “A host of a television program obviously needs a certain moral authority. If you don’t have that yourself, it’s difficult to hold someone else accountable at a talk show table. Kasem’s moral authority is under pressure due to the publication.”

Bad Sophie?

TV critics think that it will not necessarily do Jeroen any good to now be associated with the talk show and with his co-host Sophie Hilbrand. However, he thinks the criticism of her is unjustified.

Doesn’t Jeroen think it’s a bit exaggerated that Sophie was crying so much about Khalid on Monday? “I have no intention of reviewing my direct colleague in the newspaper. I notice that they have a good relationship on a personal level. She showed that in her emotion, that’s it.”