Kevin Magnussen waited the entire Brazilian GP for a ride to the pit. When it didn’t come, the Dane chose a daring route.

    Kevin Magnussen was not satisfied with the organizers of the Brazilian GP. PDO

    Kevin Magnussen and Daniel Ricciardo stopped already in the opening lap. F1 can be watched on Elisa Viihde Viaplay and V Sport channels.

    F1 driver Kevin Magnussen was left at the Brazilian GP like a teddy bear on a rock.

    – It was unreal. I hope this never happens again, he reckons For

    Magnussen spun off the track already on the opening lap, while McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo crashed into his car. The race for both drivers was abandoned.

    The organizers soon sent a medical car, whose staff checked the condition of Magnussen and Ricciardo. The problem was that only one of the drivers could fit in the car. Aussie rider Ott quickly took the place, and Magnussen was left alone at the side of the track.

    The Haas driver waited until the end of the race, but there was no call for a ride to the pit. The Dane set out to cover the distance on foot.

    The route went through stands filled with fans.

    – It was crazy. I don’t know what happened but, despite the driving, it was the most dangerous thing of the whole weekend!

    Stunned, Magnussen tried to clarify the situation with the track officials – with little success.

    – They didn’t speak a word of English. No one. I waited for someone to pick me up after the race, but the track officials left.

    Magnussen therefore decided to look for the shortest route to the pit on foot. The trip ended short when a fence came up.

    Then one of the railway officials noticed the situation.

    – He cut a hole in the fence and lifted me through. The track officials took good care of me among the fans, but the situation could have been serious. Luckily I wasn’t Lewis Hamilton in Zandvoort. That would have been really suspicious, he hinted Max Verstappen’s to the home race and confrontation with the British driver.


    Kevin Magnussen was left on the side of the track. PDO

    The organizers later regretted Magnussen’s fate.

    – They apologized, but the situation was strange. Just come get me. How hard can it be?

    Magnussen drove unexpectedly to the pole in Saturday’s sprint race. Although the suspension is sad, the previous success was important for Haas as a whole.

    – It was a really proud moment that lifted everyone’s spirits. Everyone looked a little bigger as they walked around the pit. It was awesome.

    Magnussen has scored 25 World Championship points for Haas this season. Team mate With Mick Schumacher there are 12 points.

    Haas is eighth in the Manufacturers’ World Series. The team announced on Thursday that Magnussen and Konkari will drive in its ranks next season Nico Hulkenberg.