Kenan Karaman words from Karaveli! – Breaking Beşiktaş news

Beşiktaş will face Hatayspor in the 30th week of the Super League. Before the fight, coach Önder Karaveli made statements.

Karaveli also spoke about Kenan Karaman, who is not in the squad.

Here are those words;

19.03, to Beşiktaş fans; Congratulations to the real Beşiktaş fans who always support Beşiktaş in good times and bad.

We are doing this rotation due to the situations that some of our players experience, both physically and mentally. Large staffs are formed for this. This is the reason why the players in our squad exist. Sometimes players will switch places. It’s perfectly normal.

Pjanic and Oğuzhan’s return takes longer than expected. We hope that they will join us with the national break, which is what the reports look like. Kenan is not with us in the squad, but there will be a sequel afterwards. No need to explain much about it.