News item | 20-09-2022 | 15:20

    Mr. CCM (Kees) Vendrik has been selected by the cabinet as the intended chair of the platform for social dialogue and reflection on climate policy. The platform will officially start on November 3, 2022, at the end of the Climate Agreement Day, and will replace the Climate Agreement Progress Consultation. From that moment on, the chairman of the Progress Consultation, after ten years of involvement in the Energy Agreement and Climate Agreement, Mr EHTM (Ed) Nijpels, will resign from his duties.

    Platform for social dialogue and reflection on climate policy

    The climate transition is a major and impactful challenge that requires efforts from governments, companies, civil society organizations and citizens. For this reason, the government considers it very important to actively involve society in climate policy. The platform for social dialogue and reflection should shape the discussion with social parties about climate policy in consultation with the Minister for Climate and Energy.


    The platform for social dialogue and reflection will play an important role in boosting the dialogue on climate policy in society, with special attention for groups that feel less involved in the climate transition. The platform must also provide the Minister for Climate and Energy with solicited and unsolicited advice on developments that are important for climate policy, including opportunities and bottlenecks for accelerating the transition.

    Intended President

    The cabinet has selected Mr Kees Vendrik as the intended chairman of the platform because of his unifying qualities and extensive experience in the Climate domain. He will be supported in his work by a secretariat at the Consultative Body for the Physical Environment (OFL). The intended chairman will first produce a work program in which, among other things, the independent role of the chairman and his team is elaborated. The appointment of the intended chairman will also take place on the recommendation of the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, because of his responsibility for the OFL.