Congratulating his players for their victory, Kayserispor Coach Çağdaş Atan said, “When we look at the first 6 weeks of the league, although he has 1 point, he has a good plan on the field, stands well, is among the top 5 teams with the least goals in the league, despite losing 1-2 important players. We knew that we would face a Hatayspor that protects its team with the habit of playing. Of course, we were also aware of the psychological situation. It is a bit difficult to play here in front of their own audience with 1 point. That’s why we thought that the match could be turned towards us when we hit the first blow or take the lead. We finished the first half 2-0. . Please don’t take this as arrogance, but we could have played better in the first half. Because I saw a lot of empty people on the field. We could have passed better, we could have made better attacks with passing traffic. But we went in 2-0. I told my players that. We stopped a little bit before the second half. After that, we were relieved after scoring the third and fourth goals.Bund to Hatayspor and Serkan Hoca I wish you success in your next matches,” he said.