Kate Middleton in the scandal: the head of her charity has a criminal past

Nono one had noticed. Despite the painstaking checks and painstaking credential checks that Buckingham Palace puts in place for every individual who aspires to work in any job for the Royal Family, no one in Kate Middleton’s team had noticed that she approved a murderer for the position of head of a charity supported by the Princess of Wales.

Kate Middleton involved in the scandal of the murderous boss

In the months leading up to his inauguration as head of Action For Childrenthe charity dedicated to the well-being and development of children of which Kate Middleton is a great supporterPaul Carberry managed to beat all the other contenders despite a murder conviction: at just sixteen he had killed a young man on a train, injuring another.

The “oversight” of Buckingham Palace

How did Paul Carberry roll over the so-called employee screening, a detailed examination that goes beyond the simple CV? The British media are asking, specifying that everyone should expect it, from those applying to become valets, chefs or cleaners to the personal secretaries of the Royals and the most important positions associated with the Windsors. The process is so rigorous that it takes months. And even a parking ticket can have a negative effect on the final decision.

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Princess Kate was in the dark about it

Carberry, who is now 60 and receives an annual salary of over 170,000 euros for his position as general manager, quickly explained that he regretted his actions and caused pain to the families of his victims. AND a William and Kate spokesman was quick to point out that the Welsh princes were unaware of their collaborator’s criminal past.

Kate with a group of children at the Natural History Museum in London, June 2021 (Getty Images)

Buckingham Palace knew but turned a blind eye

Those responsible for Action for Children instead they explained that they had always known about Carberry’s criminal past and informed about it Buckingham Palace even before the settlement. The man, they say, never hid his crime. He has been working for 30 years with the charity and also holds a role within the task force set up to prevent the involvement of young people in organized crime.

Boss Paul Carberry sets an example for Kate Middleton’s charity

The case of Carberry, they say the heads of Kate Middleton’s charity, demonstrates how a criminal can in fact rehabilitate himself into society. His crime dates back to 1979: boarding – already under the influence of alcohol – a train full of fans to go to a football match between Scotland, his native country, and England, he ended up involved in a dispute and killed with five stab a 21-year-old boy, also wounding another passenger.

Immediately arrested and convicted, six years later Carberry was released for good behavior and, eager to help the most vulnerable young people, he decided to become a social worker.

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