Karina Milei named her “shadow” as an official

Karina Milei He has total preponderance in his brother’s life and also in the Government. There is a reason this magazine chose her as the character of 2023: she is much more important in the day-to-day life of the ruling party than the President himself.. However, as that cover reported, “the boss” is not characterized by having a very large team. In fact, that note marked the striking fact that despite the central role he has in La Libertad Avanza, he had not appointed a single person to a position. That changed today.

The thing is the official designation of María Belén Agudiez came outwhich will be Undersecretary of General Planning, a position that depends on the General Secretariat of the Presidency, which is occupied by the youngest of the Milei. Your task, in practice, will be to do the same thing you have been doing until now: follow Karina wherever she goes and help her in any way you can.

The thing is Agudiez met “El Jefe” in last year’s campaign, and since then they became very close. Some define it as their “shadow”, which is always there. Until now, he is the only person from “Karinism” who was appointed within the Government. On the outside, Milei’s sister doesn’t have much more. There are no deputies or senators who respond to him, except in the case of Romina Diez, a deputy very close to the Secretary General.

A fact about Agudiez: she is a fan of Saint Benedict, a famous Christian figure. She does not leave his house without his medal, which says “Vade retro Satan.”

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