Karina Banfi: “There should not be a Ministry for Women”

“The institutional violence that happened in San Luis in the middle of the quarantine when Magalí Morales appears hanged in a police station in that province, and that she was arrested because she did not have the circulation certificate, Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta never spoke about that case and never worked in East. I have quoted her and asked what was the impact of the policies regarding gender violence that does not stop in Argentina and what were the cooperation mechanisms that she has had with the justice system, she never answered me.

“There should not be a women’s ministry because it is a structural composition where you have 2 peers, on security issues and the gender minister where they have the same hierarchy to make decisions on an agenda. There should be a gender secretary in each of the portfolios that have to contribute to the public policy that is being carried out, where to know if it effectively has a gender perspective.”

“If you create a ministry, that this government loves to put female ministers and personalize their figures with an agenda that they are not suitable for later. I think it’s barbaric that Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta has resigned, it’s the best thing she did.”

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