Kanye West’s praise of Nazis and Hitler was quickly condemned in Jewish communities.

    Kanye West goes from storm to storm. EPA/AOP

    Involved in several commotions Kanye West sparked fury again on Thursday when he confessed his love for Nazis and said he did About Adolf Hitler. West was a stranger to what was described as a conspiracy theorist by Alex Jones On Infowars live.

    West had hidden his face under a black mask, but his identity was not hidden at any point during the broadcast: Jones addressed him by name and at one point even sent a tweet from West’s cell phone, which immediately became publicly visible on Twitter.

    Partners such as Adidas have cut their commercial ties with West after he caused a stir by making anti-Semitic comments. However, that hasn’t curbed West’s use of language, which was seen in Infowars.

    – I also see good things in Hitler, West shakes.

    – This guy invented highways, invented the same microphone that I used as a musician. It cannot be said that this person has never done anything good.

    – Every person has something valuable to give, especially Hitler. I like Hitler.

    In addition to the Hitler comments, West also said he loves Nazis.

    – They also did good things. We need to stop the constant denigration of the Nazis. I love nazis.

    Jewish communities were immediately outraged by West’s appearance on Jones’ show. The Republican Jewish Coalition was quick to condemn West’s latest outing.

    “Given his praise of Hitler, it is no exaggeration to say that Kanye West is a vile, repulsive bigot who has targeted the Jewish community with his threats and Nazi-style insults,” the coalition commented in a statement.