Kalle Parantainen knocks down Iivo Niskanen’s claims: “My speeches have not changed”

Kalle Parantainen continues to beat the ski resort on Instagram.

Kalle Parantainen by Iivo Niskanen kicked and called him last Sunday in Kuopio in the relay race of the Finnish Cup of skiing. The man still stands behind his words.

– My speeches in public have therefore not changed, as in the case of e.g. Niskanen has presented, Parantainen said on Instagram on Wednesday.

The man refers with his statement Mightily to the point. In it, Niskanen states that “in public, Parantainen’s speech about what happened seems to have already changed a couple of times”.

When Iltalehti reported on the incident on Sunday, Niskanen posted a response on his social media channels, in which he denied that he had approached Parantainen and called him names.

Parantainen said on Instagram on Wednesday that he has not made a protest about the incident or told the technical director of the competition, or TD, about it.

– TD of the competition Arto Tilli has investigated the matter after receiving information about the incident from someone outside, Parantainen says.

According to the skier, the technical director submits a report of the race events for consideration by the cross-country rules group.

– Let’s calmly wait for the decision and then come back to the matter if the need arises, Parantainen decides.

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Kalle Parantainen and Iivo Niskanen took on skiing in the Finnish Cup. Jussi Saarinen