Käärijä’s wise outfit has disappeared – In this area, it fell from the car

The wrapper’s green performance outfit is lost. The singer is asking for help on social media.

Finland’s Eurovision representative Käärijä, or Jere Pöyhönen, has been on the lips of all of Europe in recent weeks. The wrapper is known for being energetic Cha Cha Cha – song and her spectacular green bolero.

Except now the artist’s trademark is gone. You ignorant people have a green bolero. The wrapper tells about it in the stories section of Instagram.

– Now Kärtsäri’s son has a little tear in his eye and a tattoo on his forehead. If you have moved towards Malmila and found the upper part of Käärijä, the green one, send me a message. It has fallen out of the tailgate somewhere on the way, Käärijä begins with the video.

He promises the finder a “substantial finder’s reward”.

What makes finding an outfit challenging is that it’s in a black dress bag.

The Kuopio concert outfit for the evening is still being considered.

The wrapper’s showy performance outfit fell from the car. Elle Laitila