“There are limits and I must maintain the limits of my integrity,” said Minister Sigrid Kaag (Finance) after the incident with FVD leader Thierry Baudet. Kaag walked away from the debate about the plans for Prinsjesdag, just like the rest of the cabinet.

    Baudet insinuated during his contribution that Kaag attended a spy school. It concerns St. Anthony’s College of the University of Oxford where Kaag studied. “This is my limit. I will not allow myself to be put away in that way by anything and anyone. Not even in the parliament where I am a guest.”

    Kaag gets a lot of threats. She has been under extra security since June. Stories like this don’t make it any better, she says. Her family is also concerned about her and fear that something will happen to her.

    She appreciated that the rest of the cabinet also left the room. “I feel enormously supported by the cabinet.”