In Thursday night’s only SM league match, you could get excited about all the money.

    Juuso Hietanen managed to score in the SM league for the first time since spring 2007. All Over Press/Tomi Jokela

    HPK went into the match with confidence after being on a three-game winning streak. JYP, which suffered from minor start-up difficulties, did not give the hosts an easy day’s work and was very close to taking all the points with them to Jyväskylä. After wild twists and turns, HPK was better after the winning shootout 3–2 (0–2, 1–0, 1–0, 1–0).

    JYP got the best possible start to the match when the NHL promise Joakim Kemell sivalsi in the first minute by Geoff Platt from the opening win into the puck. Another JYP goal was seen in the opening set, after returning to the SM league Teemu Suhonen got the puck Sami Rajaniemen back just a second before the buzzer.

    The favorite of the home team got the biggest applause of the second half Juuso Hietanen. The Lions’ champion defender narrowed down the game as well, as is familiar from Leijon Antti Pihlström preliminary work. 37-year-old Hietanen, who bears the captain’s letter, returned to his breeding club for this season after 15 years.

    JYP led most of the match, but couldn’t get the three-point pot they wanted. The most hasty HPK fans who went home may be upset, because the home team rose from the brink of the abyss to the level of the golden helmet Michael Jolyn from the exact kudzu, when the orange shirts played without a goalkeeper.

    Joly was a sore thorn in JYP’s flesh by succeeding twice in the winning shootout and deciding the victory along with Rajaniemi’s saves.

    Joly is the top name in the points exchange of the SM league.

    The equalizer in the final set was preceded by a nightmarish situation for JYP. Wearing the golden helmet of the Jyväskylä people Christopher Braden could have got the puck into the empty goal with the fastest hands or a more precise poke, but the cents were not on the center’s side.

    The specialty of the match was the second linesman Joni Pekkalan injury in the opening set. The game was continued to the end with the strength of three striped shirts.

    The season of both teams continues on Saturday.

    NHL promise Joakin Kemell scored the opening goal for Jyväskylä. All Over Press/Tomi Jokela