Juventus, the crisis of attackers from Vlahovic to Yildiz

Allegri’s team is having an excellent performance but there is a department that does not live up to expectations, between prolonged fasting and physical problems

In Juve’s 2023-24 format, which works quite well and after twelve matchdays has 17 points more than last season, there is a department in crisis: the attack. The five strikers at Allegri’s disposal have not scored a goal for some time, a lack which up to now has been softened by the good momentum of other outfield players (and by Szczesny’s decisive saves) but which cannot be underestimated. From Vlahovic to Chiesa, to Milik, Kean and Yildiz: the last goal by an attacker dates back to the derby against Torino, but there are also those who haven’t scored for two months and those who have yet to break the deadlock.