Juventus, Rabiot renews or not? The showcase of the World Cup can change everything

The Juventus midfielder’s contract expires on 30 June and he is experiencing an overwhelming season: Qatar can give him another leap

The third place in the standings, conquered against all odds before the World Cup, helps. To breathe again the more pleasant air of the Serie A summit, to look to the rest of the season with optimism, and perhaps even to face the future with “serenity”, which is the word that Adrien Rabiot himself uses. At Juventus, maybe. Or elsewhere. Because everything between the Frenchman and the Juventus club remains open after all. Without taboos and without any intention of putting pressure on each other. Even if time is not infinite, given that the midfielder’s contract expires in June, and from January he can therefore in theory agree with other big teams for next year.


For the moment, however, the climate induced by the overwhelming season of Rabiot helps to maintain cordial relations between the parties. In short, the summer flirtations with Manchester United are a thing of the past. There have been contacts, admits the 27-year-old, with a proposal which however was not then taken into consideration, nor relaunched by the British. Perhaps also because the Red Devils already had in mind to bet everything on Casemiro, who then moved to the Premier League from Real Madrid. Rabiot, on the other hand, once the decision to stay in Turin had been made, focused on the season in black and white, without thinking about deadlines or looking back. However, a choice in line with a new trend in the circle of great footballers, from Messi to Pogba, passing through Dybala. Star players who have preferred to take the time to reflect without haste, to ponder each
perspective, even going beyond terms in the past considered a halter.

And then in between there is a World Cup which is a showcase for any player, and in particular for those of a certain level with a few months left on the contract. If Rabiot maintains the current standards also in Qatar, it is normal that many will come forward, perhaps with important proposals. However, the Juventus club would not go upwards. But it is also true that if Juventus were to finish the season on a high note, between Serie A and the Europa League, perhaps with the confirmation of Allegri, then the best conditions could arise for a constructive dialogue. And the fans certainly wouldn’t get in the way, who asked him to stay in Turin between autographs and selfies on Sunday evening.