Juve, what will happen today and how the plea deal will take place

The appointment is at 10.30 in front of the Federal Court called to decide on the approval of the agreement reached between the club and the federal prosecutor’s office on salary maneuvers

At the end of the day today, the word should be put on the Juve case. At 10.30 the lawyers of the Juventus club and the head of the FIGC prosecutor Giuseppe Chinè will appear before the federal court to propose the agreement reached to the judges.

The ok of the judges

In fact, the last word belongs to the Court, but in such a long, difficult and full of twists and turns case it is really very difficult that the white smoke will not arrive. And it is more than possible that it could arrive soon. In this case, in fact, the agreement between the parties does not need the “political” pass required when the plea agreement arrives before the referral: in that case, the ok of the federal president is needed, which in turn must concern the Council to then acquire the yes of the Attorney General of Sport. In this case there was a referral (on May 9) and the agreement must be shared only between the parties and with the judging body.