“Juve still owes me money, more or less three million euros”

03/03/2023 at 17:12


The Argentine footballer from Roma denounces defaults by the ‘Vecchia Signora’

“I know that in April 2023 Juventus has the last chance to pay those 3 million more or less,” he commented.

The Argentine Paulo Dybala, current Roma player, assured in a statement before the Italian Finance Guard in the framework of what is known as the ‘Prisma Investigation’ about Juventus Turin, his former team, that he still owes him close to three million euros.

I don’t remember when they paid me my last salary, but I know very well that Juve still owe me money. I don’t know the exact amount, but it will be more or less 3 million net“, said the Argentine in the statement on February 21, the Italian media reported this Friday.

All the research on the Turin team related to salary maneuvers part of the financial year of 2020, when due to the socioeconomic situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Juventus reached an agreement -March 2020- with certain players in which they gave up four months of their salaryso the club’s budget was not so damaged in the middle of the pandemic.

However, months later, the Prosecutor’s Office began to investigate this agreement, since it was not a waiver of salary, as the Italian club initially reported, but a deferral of payment for three of the four months through a private pact, somewhat illegal, which meant savings in the Juventus budget.

“When we made the agreement for the deferral of salary, We knew that if I renewed my contract (Juventus), the back wages would be paid as an increase in subsequent salaries, but if instead I left, they would have to pay me immediately,” Dybala added. in your statement.

I know that in April 2023 Juventus has the last chance to pay those 3 million more or less. Otherwise, my lawyer will make requests in writing although I hope I don’t go that far, I want my money back but without filing any lawsuit, avoiding problems for me and Juventus”, clarified the ‘Joya’.

A case similar to the one also known as the ‘Secret Letter’ of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, in which ‘Juve’ hid a document in its day that revealed the private agreement of the Turin club with the Portuguese star and that confirmed the plot of maneuvers salaries.

The differences in the case of Dybala with the case of Ronaldo reside in the agreed amount -almost twenty million euros was the agreement of the Portuguese star- and the signing of the pact, since Dybala, unlike Ronaldo, did sign the agreement.

The Argentine could be sanctioned with up to a month off the pitch, since article 31 of the Italian Code of Sports Justice prohibits clubs from agreeing or paying compensation that violate federative regulations (as is the case with Dybala or Cristiano). , but it also prohibits players from agreeing on their collection, which if received would result in a disqualification of no less than one month.