The Frenchman wants certainties about the future before 11 July, when he is expected by Juve: according to the Daily Telegraph, which extends the range of its possibilities overseas to the other British big names

    Not only Tuchel’s Chelsea, but also Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham. These are the favorite destinations for Adrien Rabiot, at least according to the Daily Telegraph who in turn takes stock of the situation of the Juventus player who since February has made it known on several occasions to the Juventus management that he does not want to stay in Turin. One year after the expiration of the contract, the time has come for the French to get back into the game, despite the World Cup at the gates.


    A career and attitude choice, given that a few months of the tournament in Qatar, many would prefer to stay in a zone of comfort and certainty. After all, Rabiot was one of Allegri’s three most used players in the last season and has never feared competition. Not even in the national team where, among other things, he gradually imposed himself in place of Matuidi, as at Juventus. The planned graft of his friend Pogba would therefore change little in the prospects of the former Parisian who, in any case, has decided that he will not return to PSG.


    Rabiot prefers to migrate to a league that could exalt him due to his style of play, namely the Premier League. According to the Daily, Chelsea is therefore the priority goal where he would find Tuchel, a coach who appreciated him at the time of PSG. But the Blues are still in the process of settling down after the ownership change and the organizational chart reorganization phase. It would be natural in any case, adds the Daily, for the midfielder to move to one of the top 4. So also City, Liverpool and Tottenham managed by Paratici, another admirer who brought him to Turin.


    United, where Pogba’s box is free, and Arsenal, which has always exercised a certain attraction for French players, do not go to the limit. Rabiot, however, first of all favors a peaceful solution but on time with Juventus, before the meeting on 11 July. Also because since February, the player’s entourage has repeatedly sent the decision not to renew and to find another accommodation to the Juventus leaders. The price, one year after the expiry of the contract, should not exceed 15-20 million euros. Small change for rich Premier clubs.