Juve-Kostic, the German press confirms: offered 15 million

The Juventus club would have offered 15 million. Eintracht is aiming for 20, but the Serbian winger wants to come to Italy

Confirmations also arrive from Germany on the Juventus-Kostic operation. According to Bild, negotiations are underway for the arrival in Turin of the Serbian winger Eintracht Frankfurt, Europa League champion. According to the German press, Juve has offered 15 million, Eintracht is aiming for 20.

The prize

Kostic has been named best player of the 2021/22 Europa League season by Uefa and had already stated at the beginning of last season that he wanted to move to Italy. The contract with the Germans expires in 2023. Kostic after his beginnings in Serbia played in the Netherlands (Groningen) and ended up at Eintracht after Stuttgart and Hamburg.