Juve, interview Alessio Tacchinardi: ‘Negative opinion on Max Allegri’

The former Juve midfielder: “The Empoli knockout is the photo of the season. The club must understand that you win with hunger, not with names. Those with a full belly leave room for those who want to ‘eat the’ grass'”

I hope that this season will leave Juve at least one lesson: that it’s not the names that bring points and trophies, but the desire, motivation and hunger of those who go on the pitch”: words and music by Alessio Tacchinardi, former midfielder black and white from 1994 to 2005 with 13 trophies on his showcase including a Champions League, one that of determination and garra he knows a lot about it. And who doesn’t hide all his disappointment and his displeasure in witnessing a season with few ups and many downs: “It’s time to understand that anyone in society who has a full belly must leave room for those who are willing to eat grass , to give everything without calculations or reservations”.