Galatasaray is going very well – Last minute Galatasaray news

Legendary football player Luis Figo came to Istanbul at the invitation of Champions League main sponsor Mastercard and Garanti BBVA. Making statements about the Inter-Manchester City final to be played on June 10, Figo also explained his views on Turkish football. Regarding the championship race in the league, he said, “Galatasaray is doing very well. He is almost about to win the cup. There is Jesus in Fenerbahçe, too, his first year. I can say that he performed very well for his first year. I know Sergio Oliveira as well.”


When asked which team he would like to play for in Turkey, Figo said, “I have to act politically on this issue. For example, if I say ‘Galatasaray’ to this question, it would be unfair to other clubs. That’s why I can say it’s the national team. I know that the competition between big clubs is like in Portugal. ” said.


At the joint press conference, Mastercard and Garanti BBVA Payment Systems shared an analysis of the economic contribution of the Champions League final match to be held in Istanbul to the city. According to the study, the approximate return of the match, which will be played on June 10, for Turkey in the three-day period covering Friday-Sunday will reach 75 million euros. It was stated that those who came for the organization spent an average of 855 euros per person with a card.