Juve-Inter, Weah doesn’t play, Yildiz idea

The American is not ready, we will talk about it again at the beginning of December. Alex Sandro is back available, Allegri hopes to bring one of Miretti or Locatelli to the bench

Giovanni Albanese

– Turin

The restart at Continassa only involves players who have not been playing with their respective national teams. The return of those who spent the break wearing their country’s selection shirt is expected from tomorrow: the last to return will be Bremer, since Brazil will take the field next night against Argentina. Not very comforting news arrives from the Juventus sports center about Weah: the American was expected in the group (at least partially) but he is clearly late and the chances of returning to Inter have been eliminated. New tests have highlighted the need to stay still until the beginning of December.

the anti-INTER Juventus

Alex Sandro, out for two months, will be available again for the Italian derby: the Brazilian has been increasing his workload for a few days together with his teammates, but his playing time in the match needs to be verified. Allegri hopes to have at least one of Locatelli and Miretti on the bench, although the former is still in a lot of pain due to the slight compound fracture of the tenth rib and the latter is struggling with an annoying lumbago. It doesn’t worry McKennie, even though the American returned early from the US national team retreat due to tendonitis in his left knee. And Huijsen, who missed the Dutch Under-21s, should also be available again regularly. For Danilo, pessimism continues to filter through to the bench as well.

Juventus choices

The overall picture towards Sunday’s big match is still quite partial, but it cannot be ruled out that Allegri will have to make forced choices in some areas of the pitch. The coach will hardly want to overturn the defensive department which has worked well in recent matches, while on the right lane he could once again bring up the Cambiaso hypothesis, opposite Kostic. If no one between Miretti and Locatelli is able to give guarantees from the start, the idea of ​​Yilidz as an attacking midfielder should be taken into consideration, in front of the hinge formed by Rabiot and McKennie in the middle and behind the attackers. Milik is among the few remaining in Turin to work during the break, Chiesa seems to be enjoying good form and could be the key to attacking Inter in their left sector.