Juve-Frosinone, Allegri in conference: “There’s no need to change the formation”

The Juventus coach on the eve of Frosinone: “Let’s not get distracted by the future, the Champions League share is at 70 points and there are still many to go. I’m happy with Alcaraz, he may play. To find victory we need to come back organized and compact, as we are not been with Verona”

– Turin

“I’m happy with what Alcaraz is doing, he may play tomorrow but I still have to evaluate some situations.” Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri said this in the presentation press conference on the eve of the championship match against Frosinone. And he dribbled over the topic of the change of formation, commenting on the tests carried out during the week and what they mean in terms of changing the system with the three-man defence: “We always defend with four, we absolutely don’t have to change anything”.

When asked about the future, Allegri replied: “Right now I wouldn’t sign anything because I still have a contract for one year until 2025: today the future is tomorrow and bringing Juventus back to playing in the Champions League. We have the duty to confirm the result of the last year despite having changed many players and lowered the average age. We must be careful not to be distracted by other things such as thinking about next year, at the moment we are not certain of playing next year in the Champions League or of being in the final of the Italian Cup”.

“A difficult match against a team that plays well and creates, the main objective is to win again,” said Allegri of the match against Frosinone: “With Bologna, in Sassuolo and in Verona we played similar matches, we have to go back to being tidier and more compact”. And in the long term: “We have the ambition of bringing home the Italian Cup, it won’t be easy, in addition to qualifying for the Champions League, we need a minimum of 70 points and we still have a lot to do.” Juve is now at 54.