Juve, Chiesa in crisis between renewal, market and injuries

Juventus wonders about the performances of the attacker who is still unable to make the difference. And the reasons are different…

Giovanni Albanese

– Turin

For a Dusan Vlahovic who has forcefully regained his central role in Juventus, there is a Federico Chiesa who is struggling more and more to stay in that dimension of technical leader of the team. And if Max Allegri continues to protect his number 7 with honeyed words, the fans are starting to abandon him: during his exit from the pitch against Frosinone, part of the Stadium even booed him. “He needs to stay calm, we talked and he knows he needs to find consistency again because he missed some training in the last period,” said Allegri after the match, but it’s clear that Chiesa’s progress so far cannot satisfy anyone.


Last summer Allegri asked Federico to support Vlahovic as a second striker, convinced that he could also improve his personal goal score: “He can score from 14 to 16” had predicted the Juventus coach, who in fact had received a great response of the player in the first matches of the season. Then, however, some physical ailments arrived: not real injuries, but many small annoyances that forced him to stop as a precaution. From a clinical point of view, the knee injury is now on record, but in managing some pain the attacker still tends not to want to take risks: the feeling is that Chiesa is still struggling a bit to find continuity of performance to the many breaks he takes alone.


Chiesa remains a key player for Juve this year. Together with a few others, he has that minimum amount of experience that allows him to face the difficult moments of the season with maturity. He, for one, knows that so far he has always remained below expectations and is working to try to give a positive twist to his ending. Seasonal. Net of the 6 goals and 2 assists he has recorded so far, the perception is that of a player who has not yet made the difference as expected. So much so that he is not almost immovable as assumed at the starting line of the season: Yildiz’s rise in the middle of the season did not call him into question but certainly took enough away from him, considering that now the focus is much more on the ballot and not on the trident .

TURIN, ITALY - FEBRUARY 25: Federico Chiesa of Juventus battles for possession with Walid Cheddira of Frosinone Calcio during the Serie A TIM match between Juventus and Frosinone Calcio at Allianz Stadium on February 25, 2024 in Turin, Italy.  (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)


Much has been said about the relationship between Chiesa and Allegri, to the point of arguing that the former’s future choices may depend above all on the latter’s permanence. In reality the two find themselves in the same contractual condition and one does not necessarily exclude the other, even if the issue could have a considerable weight at the end of the season. Like the coach, in fact, the attacker has a contract expiring in 2025: his future will only be discussed at the end of the season. That Chiesa doesn’t feel valued in Allegri’s technical project is a half-truth: in reality the coach always tries to put him in the best conditions to optimize his characteristics, also because he is in everyone’s interest; it is true that the numbers recorded are quite disappointing.


Chiesa would be better seen in a trident, Allegri is only now starting to think in this direction and leaving the most important part of tactical development to the player: against Frosinone, opposed to Cambiaso who tended to bring with him fewer expectations, Chiesa however was unable to engrave. It is equally true that he may need time to find the best condition: in January the player played just a few minutes, in 2024 he only played three games as a starter. “He will be a very important player for us at the end of the season” relaunched Allegri, who in fact is giving him more confidence in the last period compared to some time ago. But he needs a response from the field with numbers that match the situation: the next matches will be decisive.

TURIN, ITALY - OCTOBER 28: Andrea Cambiaso of Juventus celebrates after scoring his team's first goal with teammates Federico Chiesa, Federico Gatti, Fabio Miretti, Kenan Yildiz and Weston McKennie during the Serie A TIM match between Juventus and Hellas Verona FC at Allianz Stadium on October 28, 2023 in Turin, Italy.  (Photo by Stefano Guidi - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images)


The contract issue will instead be discussed at the end of the season. The first dialogues in the middle of the year ended with a certain distance: without the certainty of participating in the next Champions League, neither Juve nor the player are able to say to each other the conditions under which they intend to consolidate the current contract, also because it is in the process of extension the attacker would like to improve his position and acquire consideration as a top player. Chiesa currently earns 5 million, the club knows that to keep him they would have to make a sacrifice but would also like to calibrate him on the objective numbers of this season, considering that last season was still affected by the after-effects of the injury. It is undeniable that the renewal agreement may be difficult at the moment.


Fali Ramadani, Chiesa’s agent, has been to Turin several times in recent weeks (he was also at the Stadium for Juve-Frosinone) even though there are no recent meetings with Juve. The entourage reflects on the player’s future together with the person concerned and keeps an eye on the English market, also because his appreciation for the Premier League is well known. Some top European clubs have already moved in the footsteps of the Juventus number 7, but it is still too early to make a move: next summer, when he finds himself just one season away from expiring his contract, it will also be in Juve’s interest to follow up to any requests faced with a lack of agreement for the renewal of the contract. The priority now is to get back to doing well: improving performance and turning whistles into applause.