Juve, Ceferin attacks: “We won’t see the Super League for at least 20 or 30 years”

UEFA president Ceferin has once again attacked the Super League: “Whoever says that the Champions League is the same thing doesn’t know football”

Interviewed by the Slovenian site N1 The UEFA president Ceferin has returned to attack the project conceived by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juve: “There Super alloy it definitely was one of the most important events for football, everyone says it. Football would no longer be the same if we hadn’t stopped this project, this crazy idea.”

I don’t see any possibility for this idea, at least in the next 20 or 30 years – continued Ceferin –. What happens next is really hard to predict. I have already told l’Équipe that those who say that the Champions League is in some way similar to a Super League do not know or do not want to know football.”

In the Champions League, each country has the opportunity to have its champion qualify. Currently, 32 teams are participating, but next season there will be 36. So four more places are opening up.” he concluded.

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