Juve, Allegri: “Three fundamental points for the Champions League”

The Juventus coach: “The injured? In Naples we will present ourselves with the right team to play a good game. My future? I’m proud to work for Juventus”

Livia Taglioli

The 1000 points taboo has finally been broken, thanks to the victory over Frosinone, with Allegri being the first Serie A coach to have broken it. But for the coach the three points against Frosinone are worth much more: “It was a fundamental victory for the Champions League”, explained the Juventus coach at the end of the match, who also touched on other topics. “There is no problem Chiesa. The injured? In Naples we will present ourselves with the right team to play a good game. My future? I am proud to work for Juve”.

match analysis

“Two avoidable goals, on one we defended badly, we need to defend in a different way. On the second we gave them a counterattack, we had to have the cunning to stop the ball. In the last 7 matches we have conceded 6 goals in the first half.” Hemorrhage stopped, but it’s still not a healed Juve: “There are these moments, you just have to work at them and do what we did before. In the first half we were long, we couldn’t escape their pressure. In the second half we were aggressive, they dropped “In those moments you have to have the ability not to concede those goals that we conceded. We will try to reverse the trend. In the meantime we have scored important points for the Champions League race and we are leaving the 4 games with only 2 points scored.”

on individuals

“We have other players. Rabiot and McKennie are very important, let’s see how they are during the week. Surely on Sunday in Naples we will go with the right team to play a good match. Vlahovic? He is growing personally. Some time ago he played nervously and lived with the eager to score. Now he’s more balanced, he never leaves the game and it’s very important.” On Chiesa, who is still struggling: “There’s absolutely no problem-Chiesa, he’s coming back from a period where he also missed training. Today, as long as he was on the pitch, he made himself available. He must remain calm, he will be important until the end of the championship “.

future chapter

“I’m happy, we work well with the club and I’m in tune with everything. We need to think about the present, we haven’t reached the Champions League. I have a contract until 2025, I repeat, I’ve been at Juventus for 10 years. I’m proud to work for this club with great dedication, love and passion. I am also emotionally attached. I am happy to stay, we have started a journey that we are continuing with Giuntoli, Manna and Scanavino. We have important objectives, but I think about the present. Returning to the Champions League is a both technical and economic added value. The company will then make its assessments.”