There is movement on the wingers: Lazio prepares the assault on Luca Pellegrini. Juranovic enchants Galliani and approaches Monza

    Outfielders can be short or tall; the important thing is that they push. In every market session there are news in this sense, this time the big names are not involved but little changes. The first in the class made a choice that we can summarize as follows. Inter have decided to focus on the new Gosens, new in the sense that the one from Bergamo is returning at least in terms of conviction, and will increase playing time. Juve will not renew Cuadrado and Alex Sandro; it is no coincidence that both are already evaluating some proposals, even in a suburban football which however guarantees a lot of money and allows an already very rich bank account to rise. Roma will maintain the same line of consistency for Karsdorp: giving him away without obligation on the redemption would mean weighing down a budget already tremendously in the red; in the meantime evaluate some profiles who are no longer very young but still useful, such as the almost thirty-one year old Malian Hamari Traoré from Rennes. Of course, it would be important to remove at least one pawn on the flanks, perhaps Vina himself who had arrived with so many unfulfilled expectations. The big ones are almost all ok, including Napoli who have perfected the game of couples with Bereszynski, the ideal alternative for Di Lorenzo. Lazio will soon attack Luca Pellegrini, perhaps after finding a place for Fares in the indispensable balance that must exist between entries and exits. Going down the rankings, we notice needs that become greater as we approach the hottest positions. Or they are desires to shore up, as in the case of Lecce who are doing well: they need a deputy Gendrey, fishing in B brings good luck after the arrival of Baschirotto from Ascoli. So full speed ahead for Tommaso Cassandro, the 2000 from Cittadella who can only grow after showing good qualities.